Looking for winning keywords that you can manage but do not have a budget for a paid keyword research tool?
In this article, I will show you some of my favourite free keyword research tools.
The best part, all the tools in this list are 100% free.
If you are looking for tools that will help you get higher Google rankings, you will love this article, keep reading.

10 Best free keyword research tools

Seed keywords

Many keyword research tools work exactly the same type enter a keyword in the tool and get a list of suggestions.
The problem with this method is, everyone is typing the same seed keywords in these tools.
Not surprisingly, many keywords are highly competitive. This is where the keywords of the seed come into play.
It helps you to avoid this problem. Instead of taking out the keywords of the seed in the small air, you are actually asking customers how they can find you online.
Then use those seed keywords in the standard keyword research tool.

Seedkeywords - Free Keyword Research Tool

For example, suppose you are using an e-commerce site for candy delivery.
Well, you can use Seed Keywords to create what is called a status quo.
Basically, you ask people how to search for what you are selling, and then you post that status to people and if you are like me, you will be amazed at the answers you get.
Finally, enter terms you find in your favourite keyword tool and you’ll find unused keywords that your competitors don’t know about yet.

LSI Graph

You may have heard of LSI keywords before. Words and phrases are closely related to your keyword and if you incorporate these terms into your content, Google sees your content is complete, which can give you a little better promotions.
For example, suppose the target keyword is “SEO Services”.
LSI keywords for “SEO Services” can be things like Professional SEO Services, SEO Services Company, leading SEO services, SEO services near me, SEO services India, I SEO Agency and much more.

LSI Graph-keyword research tool

So, how do you get LSI keywords? An amazing free tool is called LSI Graph. Just enter the keyword you have redirected to the tool and you will get a list of LSI keywords that you can spray on your content.


TubeBuddy is a free Chrome extension that helps you customize your YouTube videos for SEO.
For example, suppose you want to use the same tags used by your competitor.

Tube buddy Free keyword research tool

However, you can use TubeBuddy to easily identify those tags and apply them to your video.
Or suppose you want a keyword to improve your video.
You can use TubeBuddy to see the level of competition on the first YouTube page for that keyword.

Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout gives you ideas for suggested keywords from Google, YouTube, eBay and Amazon.
It takes a kind of unique approach to keyword research.
Instead of entering a keyword in the tool, you can scan the page and find keywords
that appear again and again.

So, you can go to one of your competitor’s pages and hold keywords
they are already using for their content. You can even filter keywords with the best search and competition volume.

Google Search Console

Our list of SEO tools will not be complete until we talk about Google Search Console, why not?
If you take a step back, Google Search Console (GSC) is a rich SEO tool with features.
And unlike all other tools on the market, the data you receive comes directly from Google, so you know it is legitimate.
For example, you can use Search Console as a level tracker to check your own
site level on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

Google Search Console

You can use this tool to see the backlink profile of your website.
Now, this is not nearly as good as a paid tool like Ahrefs, but it is not bad.
Using this tool, you can see all the pages that your site has indexed to Google and you can see that they have technical SEO issues on your website that are delaying your site.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public collects auto-complete data from search engines like Google and quickly generates all the useful phrases and questions people ask about your keyword.

Gold of consumer information you can use to create new, more useful content, products, and services. The type that your customers really want.
Reply to the Community is a keyword research tool that visualizes search queries and the proposed automatic completion of an image called a search cloud. My favourite feature within Answer The Public is that they have a dedicated section against keywords. Categories include ‘Where’, ‘will’, ‘why’, ‘who’, ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘what’, ‘what’, ‘can’, ‘exist’.

Free Keyword Research Tool

For example, suppose you are a company that wants to help B2B customers grow with a marketing tool. It makes sense to start your keyword research on the word “B2B sales.” This will give you an idea of ​​what questions B2B marketers are asking, and the challenges they face when closing multiple deals.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a Google Ads tool for anyone to use in their search campaigns. Advertisers use this to search for keywords and to get data on how to do so.

Google Keyword Planner

It is a free tool for anyone to access. Google Keyword Planner lets you find the data of search engine campaigns for keywords you enter, as well as the target location where you want to find keyword ideas.
It is a useful tool if you combine this with other keyword research tools that will definitely help you to create content that satisfies the purpose of the user.

Google Search Data

There are three Google Search features that can help you increase your title and article structure.


Based on user-specific data, Google Autocomplete offers a limited number of search suggestions
for the long-tail variation of your key phrase.

Google Auto complete

People ask

People also ask questions such as Automatically Complete but instead, focus on long-tailed versions
for your keyword, share search queries related to your keyword.

People Also ask

Searches related to the targeted organizations that do not include keywords that are exactly the same keyword you entered, but statistically related.
Represents related topics that may make sense to highlight in your article based on what users like to read.

Related searches


Ubersuggest offers a wealth of information through its free version. When you enter a search term, it shows the search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and CPC.
Below this indicator, we indicate the number of backlinks you will need to rate on the Google homepage for that keyword phrase.
As you scroll down, you can view a list of keyword ideas and page content ideas.

The list of page content ideas reflects relevant blog topics. At a glance, you can see how many people clicked and shared each article.
You can export most of your data reports to CSV to save and edit. Ubersuggest provides a free Chrome extension to easily view data right from the SERP.
The free version limits your use of one website and searches for 3 keywords per day.

Ahrefs Keyword Generator

As expected, the tool provides a lot of data on what people are searching for and how competitors are ranked in similar terms. But the best part about this free Ahref keyword generator is that it considers hundreds of international search engines – not just Google Youtube, Bing and Amazon.

ahref keyword generator

If your business and target market is primarily based outside the United States, this can be a big deal when it comes to finding accurate keyword data.

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Finally, know your content better than anyone else. Good keyword research ensures that content arrives in front of the target audience when they need it.
You can get great keywords with free keyword research tools.

These free keyword research tools are great for beginners and beginners but as you grow your website or blog, you will need paid tools to stand out in the competition.
I would recommend other paid keyword research tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs. These tools make you very effective in finding less competitive keywords for your blog or website.

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Now I would like to hear from you if I have missed any of the tools.
Let me know in the comments section or tweet your favorite keyword research tools.

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